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Big Data & Analytics Insight 2016 Report

On May 24th the Big Data & Analytics Insight 2016 took place in Brussels and there’s no doubt that it will be remembered as one of our most interactive conferences so far. 

After a warming-up with a Hadoop pre-conference tutorial our audience was already prompted to put their brains at work during the ice breaking session. The outcome of this blitz brainstorm fueled the agenda of no less than two peer exchanges. The first one was at the heart of the skills and capabilities discussion and the summary conclusions were firm. The data scientist job, as well as the job title, is a mashup of all kinds of existing expertise that is generally a few steps removed from the everyday realities of the businesses that want to employ them. The summary of the second showed that is perfectly possible to lay a foundation stone for a high level Big Data business case in thirty minutes. Talking about group dynamism!

The conference sessions kicked off with two concrete use cases from Graydon and Orange focusing on the business promise of Big Data & Analytics. Where Graydon emphasized the importance of a good governance model to foster a culture of analytics, Orange showed how they could successfully monetize mobile data for city marketing purposes to name only one of the project benefits. 

 Click here for the entire conference report and a download of the presentations.


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